2013-02-03 12.03.24

I love all seasons, but just now, when everything has been dull, dark and wet, a spot of colour does wonders for my mood.

So this morning I thought I would share with you the first new flowers to bloom in my garden this year.

Don’t look too closely at the ground, I know there are a few weeds making an appearance also, but if you think I’m weeding while it’s this cold !!!.

Oh did I mentioned I hate being cold, I’m a snuggle on the couch on front of a nice warm fire, gently toasting myself kind of person.

Well have done a few small jobs around the house this morning, had a look at my new flowers, have an appointment with that lovely fire this evening and what will I be doing in between, well doing what I love of course some crafting.

I thought I would also share with you some other things I love through a little ATC I made for a friend late last year and the box I made to send it to her.

Well hope you like them.

Bye for now.


Nov2012-11-06 13.11.24