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2014-06-06 21.41.40

Hi there,

This card was one I made while playing last night.

I have been asked to explain how I made it, so here is a quick step by

step for this simple but I think effective technique.



2014-06-07 13.08.32


Step 1

A little distress ink blended on the blending mat and put on the card with a make up sponge.


2014-06-07 13.09.50


Step 2

Add some more colours and blend one slightly over the colour next to it.


2014-06-07 13.12.39


Step 3

Flick a little water over the coloured card.

This is what it looks like, now.

The amount of water determines the effect, it also looks great if you use a

fine spray bottle, the white splodges are very small.

2014-06-07 13.14.35


Step 4

Blot the water up with a piece of kitchen roll and dry the card with a heat gun, or allow to dry naturally.

2014-06-07 13.15.44


Step 5

Using the Clarity Woodland Mask, black soot distress ink

 and a make up sponge. Put the black soot on the edge of the mask and pull it into the picture gently.

2014-06-07 13.17.49

Step 6

Using the boy, (from the Clarity Men Wheelie Stencil) in the case of the 1st card, with black soot again, stencil the fiqure into the picture.

Finally stamp the word “Hope” from the word chain stamps by Clarity Stamps Limited.

Here are two more examples, hope you like them and

have fun with this technique.

Don’t forget to leave me a comment.

Bye for now.



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