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Hi there,

Well as it’s the 1st of the month, there is a new Challenge at the Clarity Stamp Challenge Blog and this

month’s theme is Travel.

Congratulation to all who entered last month’s challenge, your art was wonderful.

It’s the 1 st thing I do in the morning, I pop in a see what lovely entries have been added.

So if you entered last month, thanks and if not hopefully you will not join in this month.

The winner gets a voucher for £50.00 and more importantly you get to Challenge yourself.

Here is the link claritystampchallenge.blogspot.com.

Pop in and have a look at all the dt inspiration.

Well this is my project and I hope you like it.

For Nov Clarity Challenge


It started life as a hardback notebook, with a shiny cover in black, not very exciting is it ?

2014-10-28 13.50.47


Step 1,

Cover it front and back with two coats of white gesso.

Step 2. 

Take the beautiful Rose Panel Stencil and place it along the edge. Spread some grunge paste through it.

Only use masking tape and the top and bottom, do not attach to the gesso, it will pull it off. If it does,

you will have to add another coat, guess how many are on mine ?.

Then leave the building, so you are not tempted to touch it takes a while to dry.

Do not take out your magnifying glass, yes there are one or two of my finger prints on it.

2014-10-28 15.38.31

Step 3

While resisting the over whelming temptation to touch to see if it is dry.

Take the so clever Paris Collage Stamp and stamp 3 times with versamark onto cream card and

heat emboss with gold embossing powered. Soften the colour with old photo

distress ink, I added a little more that this photo shows.

I then cut my images up as I wanted to layer the sections for some added dimension.

2014-10-28 20.48.08


 Step 4.

Stamp and emboss the largest image, the Paris Collage stamp onto, the cover as a guide for the layers you will add later.

Then take some of the images from the journaling set and stamp them using vintage photo onto the cover.

I was honestly going for a shabby chic look, so I did’nt want perfect stamping. If you do

open the cover and put a good wad of paper behind it, making sure you use a good amount of ink.

This is the stage, when you think to yourself, will I be starting again ?

2014-10-28 20.03.17

Step 5

Sorry I did’nt take more photos of these steps, I was so focused.

Placing the Rose stencil back over the grunge paste

colour using distress markers, I had never tried them on the grunge paste before, love how they worked.

Step 6

Take your Clarity Stencil brushes and gently using the colours below add a little of each, in soft strokes,

till you are happy with the effect. Remember gently does it, build it up.

Step 7

Stick your layers of the Paris Collage on the cover, using the image on the cover as a guide.

Step 8

Tone both the stencil panel and stamp part of the cover into one another, by adding a little

of the Vintage photo and brush corduroy all over.

2014-10-28 21.35.14


Step 9

Finish off the front by adding a little treasured gold wax to the whole of the cover.

When dry using the same colours, gently using the stencil brushes, add colour to

the back cover to match the front.

Here are the ingredients.

Well that’s it. I hope you like it. Drop in and leave me a comment if you get a minute.

Oh I nearly forgot, say hi if you are going to the NEC show next Thursday & Friday and see me there.

Bye for now.



2014-10-28 21.47.16