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2014-11-04 12.41.43


Hi there,

Today as a change from my Christmas projects I thought I would

share, my 1st experiment with a little book I made recently for a good friend.

She gave me amazing support in particular over the last year and a half, and helped keep me sane,

well most of the time.

Take two pieces of book board. (Thick cardboard).

Paint front and back with Gesso.

2014-11-04 13.00.10

Next take Clarity Stamp Rose Stencil mask off what you don’t want to use and spread grunge paste through it.

There is the link http://www.claritystamp.co.uk/Clarity-Stencils/14676-/Rose-Panel-Stencil.

Then take the brick wall stencil again only using part, spread grunge paste through and leave to dry.


2014-11-04 13.28.46

Using Black soot Distress ink and a sponge, darken the panels and around the edges of

the front and back pages.

2014-11-04 13.35.26

Next I added, some dusty concord to the front and a mixture of mowed lawn, dried marigold and aged mahogany to

the back panel, again with a sponge and a brush.

2014-11-04 13.46.22

The roses were then coloured with barn door, I placed the stencil back over then, to keep the colour

from spreading.

2014-11-04 14.06.38

I added a little screwed up tissue to the front and painted with some modge podge and then

more dusty concord to give some more dimension to the fort of the book.

On one of the inside covers I dragged some peacock feathers and salty ocean to create a background.

2014-11-04 15.18.24

To soften this, I used from frantage to lighten the look, add texture and a little bit of sparkle.

2014-11-04 15.55.31

A touch of Treasured gold wax to hi-light and enrich the front page.

2014-11-04 19.16.56

The inside of the front page then need some attention.

A little stamping, lightly, I did’nt want the feathers to stand out, the feathers are again from my Clarity Stash.

I love these and have used them so many times, they come in two sizes and there is a lovely verse that goes perfectly with them.


Some gold embossing on the wording from the journal set, then adding with my Clarity Brushes a little dried marigold,

some milled lavender and pickled raspberry.

I decided this would be a perfect place for a photo, of both of us.

2014-11-04 19.55.07

On the other inside page I used the following


I outlined the stencil open areas with silver cerne relief and allowed to dry. I then dropped some prisma and fantasy moon

inside the raised areas.

2014-11-05 18.41.40

Lastly I added some chipboard letters covered in

Gilding Flakes to the front page.

I then attached it together using my cinch.

The inside pages, forgot I had added some gold frantage to the inside left cover.

2014-11-05 18.42.00


2014-11-05 18.42.14

Hope you enjoyed my experimentation and my friend thankfully seemed to like it.

Bye for now.