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Hi there everyone,

Well another month has raced by and now colour in starting to return to my garden. It really lifts the spirits.

The pleasure I get each morning is wonderful, looking at the entries for each month’s Clarity Blog Challenge, thank you.

Congratulation to the winner, the top 5 and all who took part.

Well this month’s Challenge is anything but a card, can’t wait to see what you do, go on spread your wings try something new.

You just have to see what the DT blog team have come up with, mind blowing, so don’t forget to drop in and see all their creations.

If you have followed my little blog for a while you may have noticed a theme, I do love making cards but each month I have tried to show how you can use stamps and stencils to make all kinds of things. From candles, to decorating napkins, canvases, decorating book covers, making keepsakes boxes, jewellery, clocks, napkins, embellishments for cards or gifts and more. Everyone will have their favourites, but for me the idea is to show the versatility of what you may have already and encourage you to experiment.

So remembering everyone is on their own crafting journey. The Sharpies come in packs on 10 colours and can be picked up easily and cheaply. The stencil and stamps used are all from Clarity Stamps Limited.

I remembered seeing people use sharpie pens to decorate, plates and cups, so this month I thought that’s what I would do.

2015-02-10 12.38.31

Take one plain white cup from a chainstore. Using the Clarity poppy stencil, gently tape in place

over the cup, be careful because of the curve, not to spread the stenciltoo much. choose your colours and gently put the colour through

the stencil. If you are looking for perfect, forget it. I would also choose stencils that do not have large open areas.


If you prefare to try using a stamp, stamp the image using archival ink, in my case black.

Steady hands are required you think glossy card is slippy, gently does it, try not to smudge, if you do, wipe off

immediately with washing up liquid and a little water, dry and try again.

Then take one of your selection of colours and add a little colour to your images.



For this one, I used distress inks, just to see if they worked.

2015-02-10 13.04.25

When you have finished heat your oven to 170 degrees, place in items and bake for 30 minutes. Leave in the oven

until the oven has cooled.

The cups or plates etc, can then be hand washed, the colour will change slightly and a dishwasher will wash it off.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog, thank you and please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Don’t forget Barbara Gray is on C & C at 9 this morning, can’t wait to see what you all make for this months Challenge, see you there.

Bye for now.