2015-04-18 14.37.43


Hi there,

Still in the land of the living, just.

It’s been another busy month, sorry I have not posted more. I will make up for it.

I was away for a few days and hiding out from the sun. We popped into Lidl for a few bits and there

was a lonely box of pastels sitting in one of the wire bins. It called

out to me for for a few euro I said why not.

I know it is a bit of a scribble and a bit rough. But I thought I

would share my little play with them.

Lots of practise needed, but being a red head I do have to take shelter from

took much sun, so guess what I will be doing during the holidays.

Do pop in and say hi. Sometimes I think I am writing this blog only for myself.

Bye for now.